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Welcome to Our Panel

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Welcome to our Panel!

Market and Social Research gives us all a voice and allows us to express our opinion about things we otherwise wouldn't. We can help companies improve products and services for you, the customer and help formulate public policy.

  • Free to join and no cost to participate
  • Make a difference
  • Make your opinion count
  • Be rewarded for your time
  • Open to all residents of Australia aged 16+
  • Sign up is easy and will take 2 minutes of your time.

Make your opinion count!

What are we talking about?

The chance for you to influence the products and services that are paramount to you. This is done by giving you a platform to voice your opinion, and with the reassurance that it will be heard by the right people.

Have you ever become frustrated with a product or service and thought, “what on earth were they thinking?”  By joining the National Field Services panel you acquire the chance to help guide your favourite products and services development to where you want them to be.

Signing up is easy and is open to all Australian residents over 16 years of age. Best of all it doesn’t cost you anything to join and because your time and opinions are so valuable, you will be rewarded for them.

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