Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to join?
It’s absolutely free to join and participate, we will never ask for any payment information.

Can anyone join?
Anyone that is permanently living in Australia and is over 16 years old is eligible to join.

What is an activation email? Why am I required to activate my account?
An activation email is an email that is sent to you after you sign up, and it has a link in it which you click on to “activate” your account, and to create a password. We do this to ensure we have the right email address, and also to comply with the industry standard of panel quality control.

When do I create my password?
You are able to create your password when you click on the link to activate your account which is found in your activation email that is sent to your primary email account when you sign up.

Why didn’t I receive my activation email? What do I do?
There are a number of reasons why you may not have received your activation email. The most common is that the email is in your junk mail folder; please check this first to see if it is there, the email will be sent from If your activation email is not there, please email us via the contact us page so we are able to sort it out for you as soon as possible.

About National Field Services

What is National Field Services?
National Field Services was founded in 1985 and has been setting the standard in market research recruitment in Australia since. National Field Services has led the way in providing high quality Australian wide recruitment services. All our resources are Australian based. We are committed to recruitment excellence and superior customer servicing. We are known for providing precise, reliable and quality research respondents.

How do I know you won’t try to sell me anything?
It is illegal to pretend to be doing market research if the real purpose of the contact is marketing. Anyone caught doing this can be penalised under the Trade Practices Act.

How secure is the information that I give to National Field Services?
Absolutely confidential! Market and social research companies are bound by the Privacy Act, and there are severe penalties for breaching your privacy. Although surveys are likely to ask personal questions such as your age category or your income, research companies are only allowed to keep and utilise this data as overall statistics, and once their quality control checks are complete they delete the information that associates the statistics with individual respondents. For more information click on our Privacy Policy.

Will I get lots of spam emails or things in the mail if I answer surveys?
Market and social research companies are not permitted to sell anything or pass your information on to their clients or other organisations – in fact they are not even permitted to tell their clients whether or not they interviewed you – unless you are already listed with their client for some other reason.

Can I check National Field Services credentials?
Yes. You can contact the Australian Market and Social Research Society, via the Confirm a Research Company page by visiting

Can I leave the panel at any time?
Yes. At any time you feel you wish to leave National Field Services simply “Unsubscribe” from the “Settings” menu in your personal account area.

Participating in surveys

Do I have to participate in all the surveys I am invited to?
Participation is completely voluntary, but most surveys are short, fascinating, and for the benefit of consumers generally, so you are strongly encouraged to participate. You will find the interviewers are always well-mannered, and you will relish the experience.

Why should I participate in a survey?
Participating in surveys:

  • Is fun – you often are asked to give opinions about things that you otherwise don’t get a chance to;
  • Is interesting, it gets you thinking about things that you might not otherwise think about;
  • Helps companies improve products and services for you as their customer;
  • Helps formulate public policy so that better services can be provided for you.

How often will I receive a survey?
Typically you can expect 1-3 emails a month asking you to complete a short pre-screening questionnaire, however in order to comply with Industry Standards there may be a maximum you may receive within a 12 month period. Additionally it depends on how much of your profile is complete and how current it is.

How do I get rewarded?
If you qualify and are invited by telephone to participate in one of our exhilarating studies at a location near you, you will receive a generous incentive for taking part. The incentive amount will differ from job to job as it is dependent on the time to complete as well as the depth of knowledge required. Before you choose to participate in a survey you will be made aware of the incentive you will receive.

If you have any queries regarding your incentive please email us by clicking here.

All incentives provided to our participants are in the form of National Field Services branded Eftpos voucher card or cash.

What is cookie technology and does National Field Services use it?
Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes. Generally National Field Services does not use cookie technology. However from time to time it may be required to enhance your experience of using the panel. If National Field Services would want to use cookie technology we will let you know and provide you the option to refuse it.

Your question isn’t answered here?
Simply Click here to send us your question. We encourage you to email us regarding any problems or questions you may have, because at National Field Services we value your feedback.

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